Vision4Life Year One – Transformed by the Bible

At the September quarterly Church meeting it was agreed that we should sign up to Vision4Life which starts in Advent this year. The first year is entitled “Transformed by the Bible” but at the Church Away Day in August most people admitted that their knowledge of the Bible was patchy. Check your knowledge by trying these questions – answers next month.

1 What did God say the lifespan of humans would be?

2 How many of Jesus’ disciples had the same first name as another disciple?

3 What was Ruth’s sister-in-law’s name?

4 Who had a vision of a valley of dry bones that came back together?

5 What is the first colour mentioned in the Bible?

6 Where in the Bible are we told to offer “a sacrifice of thanksgiving”

7 Who was Gedaliah?

8 How did Jesus say we can know the truth that will set us free?

9 Who was Jairus?

10 What did Jesus cite as the basis for the whole of the law and the prophets?

The answers can now be found in the Vision4Life section

Margery Pitcher

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