Musings from the Manse

Dear Friends,

Rev Helen Higgin-Botham


A New Year – and a new beginning! Isn’t that what we always say in these dark, cold days of January?

I think, as we get older, it gets harder to pick ourselves up at the start of a new year – especially when it’s often easier to believe that nothing is likely to change and the most we can hope for is that we’ll just plod along as we’ve always done.

Well, perhaps this year is the year when we shake off the negativity, pray that God will give us enthusiasm and motivation, and help us discover a will to become more active in discerning what He has planned for Fulwood URC.

For a start – it’s Guild Year!

With the planning and the committee meetings in full swing, and preparations for the many events that will be held coming to fruition, there is a lot to celebrate. Not just for the contribution that members of Fulwood URC have made, but that as Churches Together we can really highlight the Christian presence in our City. It may not be ‘the same as it was in previous Guilds’ (as someone recently pointed out to me) – it may be better, more exciting, more relevant to today’s society – who knows. The reality is that many of us won’t be around in 2032 when the next Guild happens, so let’s enjoy it and be a part it!

Also as we prayerfully consider what it means to be a ‘Welcoming Church’, my prayer is that we will all take an interest in what this means for our ministry and mission in Fulwood. Yes there are those who feel that they have nothing to contribute, that they’d rather leave it for someone else to sort out – but God will use each of us, and our different gifts and capabilities, in the work that He calls us to do – if we let him.

But, you know, whatever the future holds for Fulwood URC, my hope for 2012 is that we will continue and grow as the Reformed Christian presence in the north of Preston – and each of us will take ownership of whatever is needed to make that happen.

May you all have a happy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year!

Yours in Christ,



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