Message from the Manse (November/December)

Dear Friends,

‘Out with the old – in with the new’……….I know this is usually something we say at the turn of the year, but there has been a lot of it going on at the Manse lately!

You know the sort of thing that happens – you start one job and problems arise, which lead to other things needing to be done, and before you know it – you’re camping out in the living room with the fridge, the kettle, and the microwave, picking your way through the rubble to get to bed, and wondering if you’ll ever get back to normality!

Sometimes we do these things purely because we like to have a change and sometimes this kind of upheaval is necessary when changes have to be made.

Our friends across the road at Fulwood Methodist Church will soon be launching into a time of upheaval and change; when their church premises will have exciting new things done to them. They will face difficulties and demands as they leave the familiar – and it will be several months before they are able to return to the newly refurbished and re-equipped buildings.

Whilst that is happening however, they will (in part) be ‘camping out’ in our ‘living room’! That is to say – some of their services will be held (as well as some of their group meetings) at Fulwood URC. What is more, we have been invited to share in fellowship with them on these occasions. What a wonderful opportunity to welcome them to our ‘home’ and to be able to work more closely together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

As is often the case in this kind of situation, we rely very much on the kindness and generosity of those around us, to offer hospitality and support – and whilst Colin and I are indebted to those who have helped make our upheaval infinitely more bearable – I pray that as a church, we are able to make our Methodist friends feel welcomed and supported during their period of change.

Yours in Christ,

Helen <><

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