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Rev Helen Higgin-BothamDear Friends,

As I write, we are in the midst of one of the busiest times in the church year – Advent and Christmas – and whilst I love all the festivities, it is hard to figure out just when and where, as a Minister, there is time to reflect and worship on a more personal level.

There is just so much to do isn’t there – and I always feel like I’m playing catch up. I promise myself that next year will be different; Next year I’ll have bought and wrapped all the presents before the end of November – I’ll have written the Christmas Cards well in advance, and posted them well before the last posting date – I’ll even be a bit more organised in planning our worship, instead of trying to think about and plan several services all at once. Next year will be different; just you wait and see……………..

But it doesn’t always work out like that does it! We start each year off with all good intentions, and then life gets in the way. Our plans, hopes and dreams are constantly being chopped and changed as we try to cope with the disasters and difficulties life throws at us – and we often end the year wanting to see the back of it because we believe next year will be better.

Listening to the radio in the car the other day, the discussion turned to the fact that often we wish our time away in the hopes that just around the corner life will be better. But time is precious, and life is short, so maybe we should savour each moment if we can. Perhaps the alternative is to ask God for the strength and tenacity to meet life head on – to face the New Year with the love and peace that He gives – and to thank Him and take comfort from the fact that He will journey with us when we ask Him into our lives.

Whatever the New Year holds for you – whatever it holds for Fulwood URC, I pray that as we face 2009 together, God will bless us and empower us to do all that He asks of us in His name.

Yours in Christ,



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