2008 Archive

Vision4Life Year One – Transformed by the Bible

At the September quarterly Church meeting it was agreed that we should sign up to Vision4Life which starts in Advent this year. The first year is entitled “Transformed by the Bible” but at the Church Away Day in August most people admitted that their knowledge of the Bible was patchy. Check your knowledge by trying […]

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Message from the Manse (November/December)

Dear Friends, ‘Out with the old – in with the new’……….I know this is usually something we say at the turn of the year, but there has been a lot of it going on at the Manse lately! You know the sort of thing that happens – you start one job and problems arise, which […]

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From the Manse

Dear Friends, July was a pretty busy month for me and I wasn’t able to be around much. No, I wasn’t on holiday, nor was I ‘busy doing nothing’ – I was actually on a variety of activities that all seemed to have come at once. It all began at the end of June, when […]

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